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Welcome to My World of Custom Sewing Womens Clothing and Accessories

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Hi welcome back!

Last time I discussed how my sewing journey began. Today let's go another direction and talk about my Why, and the reasons I do what I do.

Aside from earning an income, the reason I make custom clothing is not just because I love to sew. Even though this is true, I do love to sew, it's not my only reason for sewing or having a custom-made business.

Thats, my mom and my son, my love lovebugs.

The main areas I work with are sewing, women’s clothing and accessories, home décor and embroidery. I remember the first time I wanted a certain kind of skirt. I looked all over the stores, and I didn't see exactly what I was looking for. To be more exact, I wanted a long pencil skirt, about ankle length that was stretchy, bright and went with a cream top I had and yellow shoes. After checking several department stores, I gave up searching. I asked around does anyone know a good seamstress. One of my friends knew someone and connected me with them. Long story short, I got a pink cream and y ellow fleece skirt made and I was able to wear it with my top and my shoes just the way I had planned. It was one of my favorite outfits. I liked the outfit because it symbolized me! It was bright and fun and made me feel happy. It was definitely different and maybe loud, but it made me happy. Thinking about this now, I wish I had the seamstress number to let her know how happy I was to have my own skirt that was personalized to me.

Everyone has their own shape, their own style, their favorite colors, yeah, we know! What's sold in stores are the popular colors, the popular trends, what the designers had in mind and what the department stores think will sell well. There's no problem with that, I don't attempt to compete with or down what other designers make heck I'm a designer, so that makes no sense, you know? What I do is create for my customers and prospects an outfit or a piece that they're happy with. I do this because I enjoy seeing people happy. I enjoy what I do because I get to hear customers and clients tell me how happy they are and how it made them feel. I also enjoy what I do because every creation is different. I like taking a piece of flat fabric, whether it’s colorful or bright or textured doesn't matter and transforming it into something wonderful that makes someone smile. That makes someone happy.

Many times, I've heard women say this style doesn't look right on me, but I like it this color. Or that doesn't look good on me, but I like certain parts of the garment. Or this won't fit me because I have too much hips or I have too much boobs. At the same time, some women are self-conscious, some because they're too thin, some because they’re curvy. For years this was the case with me, I always felt too slim to wear fitted styles for example. I felt like they made me look like a twig. Please don't take that as me downing slim people. I thought if I had more curves, I could wear those styles.

I've learned over the years to respect every body type. The fact is some people workout, and some people don't. Some people have surgery, and some do not. Some people diet and some do not. Everyone has a body and that’s a fact and to be honest, that's just how we're made. We're made to be different and so that’s helped me to learn to embrace the shape I have. It's what God gave me and I'm going to go with it. Sure, I may not have everything I want like bigger boobs curvy hips and bottom, but I CAN work with what I have. STOP downing yourself and EMBRACE who you are and what you have. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And, FYI, I’m not just saying that. I have clients that wear from a size 0 up to a 3x, so I’ve heard reasons upon reasons over the years of why they do not like their bodies. But lets give you additional reasons to smile and be joyous. You may have things other people wanted and wished for.

You have some options here; you can accept who you are and what you have. Or if you do not like what you have, you can work on changing it. If this is the case, make sure the reasons are for YOU and that this change will benefit your health and mental well-being. It makes no sense to kill yourself working out or going into debt to get something put in or taken out if you don’t get to enjoy the benefits. Acceptance of yourself is key, we should all love who we are. No one is perfect and that’s just dandy! Because there is no ideal standard for me that I must live up to. The only me I must be is me. That’s the only me I can be, everything else is a façade. Now, SAY It Out LOUD: THE ONLY ME I MUST BE IS ME. It’s easier to look at things this way since each person’s perception of perfect is different. Also changing yourself for somebody else is a bit vain and wont last, they should like and love you for who you are personality wise, not shape or size wise. Your peeps should support you, If they don’t… we’ll get into that convo another day. But to get back on track either of these choices is not a decision to be made in a minute. Think about it. What makes you happy, what will make you happy, where are you now, where do you want to be, am I happy with me, how can I be? All these questions can be answered but it will take TIME to think and implement and that’s okay.

I feel like I may have gotten off topic but just incase, my reason for why I sew and make custom clothing is because I love taking care of my family. I love creating clothing and accessories, I love to see others happy. I’ll also add because I really enjoy having a wardrobe that personalized. There are others like me out there and I’ve found a few on social media platforms and blogs. It’s great to embrace who you are. There nothing wrong with being happy and if someone tells you any different there’s your flag for evaluation. Let’s be real, life is short, there’s many ups, downs and in betweens. But for the things you can choose, which do you choose? I don’t know about you but I’ll choose joy, happiness and peace every time.

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If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, let me know I'll work it in here or on my live. Your comments and feedback are welcomed, go ahead leave a comment, let's connect.

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